Collage by Iona Sheppard - Gorging, a poem by Beth Harrison - SHSO Leeds

Collage by Beth Harrison - Gorging, a poem by Iona Sheppard - SHSO Leeds

He led me into a dreamland

Gorging, sweet gorging with a shine

I suffocated myself twice with a plastic bag

Black and iridescent with frost

I abandoned myself thrice

I heard my mother whisper

from the single telephone wire

A delicate string above painted silver

Attempting to pull me back by my hair

from the trancelike state

Snowing with my psyche

Her lips were parted so perfectly

Still, still, so still like winter

You are a gift, you are a gift

she kept repeating, starkly

Fragmented, st-st-st-stop

I was lost in a terrified, mutant shock

What is natural and what is not?

Him, him, her

Umbilical cord

or hand

or knife

I could feel nothing but a desolate white

Third in LAU Viscom Ba Hons student, Iona Sheppard’s collage collaboration with LAU’s Ba Hons Creative Writing students. This image is accompanied by ‘Gorging’, by Beth Harrison.

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