Tibet, 1900 Part 3

This is the third of a series of photographs taken by the maternal great great grandfather of one of our ShSo contributors.

Thought to be taken around the turn of the century (c1900), they were taken to document his time serving with British forces in Tibet and northern India.

All images scanned directly from the original photographs.

Tibet, 1900 - SHSO

Third in our series of photos from pre-WWI Tibet and northern India is this intriguing shot of a religious procession in a village named by the photographer as ‘Kumowar’.

Following several internet searches ShSo has been unable to find any information regarding this village, it’s location or the religion practised there. Though Buddhism is the religion most widely practiced in this region, one suspects that its practises and tenets are often blended with the specific traditions of each village, as tends to be the way with these things.

by Josefus Haze




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