Angel of the North

Angel of the North by ScapaJoe

Part of ScapaJoe’s ‘Sunken Monuments” series, this stark glimpse of mankind’s potential future is delivered with irony and a childlike playfulness.

Angel of the North by ScapaJoe

ScapaJoe is a collaboration project between artist Caroline Appleyard and photographer / 3D designer Dean Hodson, both based in Chester.

The duo combine post-apocalyptic themes with pop chic stylings, putting the culture of the now right into our bleakest future.

Angel of the North by ScapaJoe

“The seas continued to rise, and the Angel of the North is now partly underwater, luckily the sheep survived . Joe 3D printed the Angel and I used a rock I found on the beach” – ScapaJoe

Angel of the North by ScapaJoe

by ScapaJoe

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