Meanwhile, Elsewhere 21/12/2020

Meanwhile, Somewhere in the Cosmos - by Josefus Haze - SHSO

Meanwhile, Somewhere in the Cosmos - by Josefus Haze - SHSO

We interrupt your scheduled scrolling with exciting news that the annual intergalactic space billiards tournament got underway today.

After a scintillating opening ceremony – Gwarbak 7H’s dress was to die for! – our first match is in full swing, with Horsehead Nebula champion Thadius Beewizzle facing off against the mysterious shape-shifting form of Loganwing the Lost, representing The Outer Reaches and Elsewhere.

Latest from the competition arena is that Loganwing just put Beewizzle on the backfoot with a sublimely tactical shot that’s brought Saturn and Jupiter into alignment, effectively covering the corner pocket. Such a move hasn’t been seen since Megatrick

Q9 invented the move 800 years ago.
We’ll be back with more exclusive coverage of this stupendous event.

by Josefus Haze


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