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SHSO Leeds - Something Happened Somewhere Once


We started Something Happened Somewhere Once a little over a year ago – Happy birthday to us! – and it’s been an absolute joy to share such amazing work by some stupendously talented original artists. 

As lockdown in the UK is gradually lifting and life is returning to its hectic norm, the gang here at ShSo has decided to take a short hiatus over the Summer.

Fear not, dear friends, for we shall be back in Autumn with a whole host of new stories and art. Until then, here’s ten of our favourite posts from the last year, selected by ShSo founders Roya Brehl and Josefus Haze.

Huge thanks to all of our contributing artists; you’ve all made this so much better than we ever hoped it could be.

And thanks to our followers for getting on board with this nonsense.

Much love!

ShSo x


Guy in Library – Out Digging


Out Digging by The Guy in the Library


Dawn Hurton – Colonel Rutherford


Colonel Rutherford by Dawn Hurton Puppet Artist - SHSO - Something Happened Somewhere Once


Odious Illustration – No One Dares Hug or Fight Me


No One Dares Fight or Hug Me by Odious Illustration - SHSO


Matt Robinson – Expressionist Untitled


Expressionist Untitled by Matt Robinson, Fine artist - SHSO Leeds


Mr. Mascall – Intergalactic Jesus


Intergalactic Jesus by Mr Mascall - SHSO - Something Happened Somewhere Once


Ruth Stoltenberg – Isolation 11


Isolation by Ruth Stoltenburg - SHSO


Josefus Haze – Freewheeling


Turning Point (Freewheeling) - a multimedia piece by Josefus Haze - SHSO - LAU


Roya Brehl – Strangers


Strangers by Roya Brehl

ScapaJoe – It’s Only Research


Environmental Art by ScapaJoe - SHSO


Josefus Haze – The Troubadour


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